Available from £150 per night.

The kitchen is equipped with cooking and laundry facilities, fully air conditioned, own private pool, sun terraces with seating for 8 under a shaded pagoda with perfect views of Kalkan bay and a tended neat garden.

Villa Gwendoline is situated just a 10 minute downhill stroll to the quaint but chic village of Kalkan with its plethora of restaurants, shops and bars The harbor is a short walk from the villa. Places to visit in this lovely region are personally recommended.



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This is the only place to stay in Catalina! I have stayed in the cheaper hotels and they were fine, but this is just the icing on the cake! After spending the day bike riding and hiking to come back and enjoy a glass of wine while looking out your ocean view window and then to top it all off


Sao Paylor, Brazil

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